February Fitness Challenge: Jump Rope!!!

OK, CFMH members…in the month of February…we will work on jumping rope for our 2012 CFMH Resolution Fitness Challenge!

Several of you need to practice single unders, some of you are able to get a few double unders and the others are awfully close!  So…in order to master our double unders, we need to first master the single under.

Here is our plan for February:

Week 1:  100 single unders every day
Week 2:  200 single unders every day
Week 3:  300 single unders every day
Week 4:  400 single unders every day
*Your goal should be to get them “unbroken”.  If you miss the jump at 49, start next jump at 50…by the end of each week you should be able to get all unbroken!   

Start today!  Use the jump ropes in the box…go out and get a good jump rope to practice at home!  Our goal will be to get DOUBLE UNDERS by the end of March!

Happy Jump Roping!

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