MVP’s Road to Recovery…her story begins…

Blog Post #1

MVP Road to Recovery

by Coach Megan Pepitone

As some of you have heard by now, I have torn my Achilles tendon. What I aim to do now is allow you to follow along on my road to recovery over the next 6-8 months. I want to prove that training does not stop because one part of your body is “broken,” in fact, I plan to use this time to work on my weaknesses to become a better overall athlete.

How it happened

I want to touch briefly on how this happened so I can, frankly, put it into writing and move on. Friday, Nov 8th, 2013 I decided to work out at Nick’s 5 AM class. After the second warm up, Tabata box jumps were programmed so I got my 24 inch box out and proceeded to jump. Where I went wrong was rebounding my jumps in order to speed them up (rebounding = jumping down and quickly exploding and jumping back up). This is something I wanted to practice because all of the female athletes at Regionals (and the Games for that matter) did them this way. On my 4th set I landed and “RIP!” I knew exactly what I had done. It didn’t hurt (unlike what I have heard from other accounts), but I sat down and said to Nick “I think I just tore my Achilles.” Next came ice and a trip to the ER and they confirmed it was an Achilles tear. It was later re-confirmed by the orthopedist on Monday morning.

What now

“Well shit” I thought to myself after the ER doctor confirmed my diagnosis. I already knew that an Achilles tear was a LONG recovery process. More thoughts jumbling in my head: “goodbye potential South Central Regionals 2014, goodbye regular Crossfit workouts, goodbye squat PRs that I recently worked so hard to get.” I knew these thoughts were normal for any athlete—I wondered what Kobe thought when they confirmed his Achilles tear. These thoughts were true, but what can I do about them now? NOTHING. Why think negatively, what is that going to do for me?

Later that same day of the tear, I began to research recovery timelines and schedules. I wanted to be proactive and get the most knowledge under my belt. Then I began to think about the other parts of my body I could improve: pull ups, push ups, ring dips, etc. I thought “well I might as well become a gymnastic ninja and work on upper body strength at the same time.” Tomorrow starts rehab day 1.

Saturday , one day after my tear, I was in the gym.