Amazing Testimonial from one of our Members…Jessica R

I just wanted to to let you both know what an impact CFMH has made in my life over the past 6 months.
Last February I hit a rough spot –  I had very low self esteem, my marriage was struggling, I was 30 years old with two kids and a full time job, and I just felt old (how ridiculous is that?!).  I decided things had to change so I started going to the gym 5 days a week – just “working out” on the elliptical and weight machines for an hour.  It helped me feel a little better on a day to day basis, but after 5 months of doing it I was bored and had minimal results physically.  In June I finally had enough and decided to do two things – I decided I was going to sign up to run the Aramco half marathon in January, and at the urging of a few good friends I decided I was going to try crossfit.  That first week of on-ramp with Christian hooked me…I had never been so tired or sore in my life, and I had never had so much fun working out.  It was great to have so much variety in a workout and awesome to actually be able to feel the effects later as I was walking up stairs at work.  It was empowering to learn how to do all the Olympic weightlifting movements that a few months ago seem reserved for only the “elite” athletes at the regular gym.  It seriously started to change how I thought about and saw myself.
So while Crossfit was immediately addicting and transforming – my attempt to start running was not quite as great.  Everyone that knows me knows I am not a “runner” – I am not shy about it, I love swimming and cycling, but for my entire life I have HATED running. Even running a mile was an accomplishment.  I put off training, and finally the first week of October I decided I either needed to decide I wasn’t going to run, or I needed to start a serious training program.  So I downloaded a 16 week training schedule that had cross training built in and went for it.  I was great about doing the Cross Training (Cross Fit for me) days.  I was not so great about getting all the running days in.  The program peaked at a long run of 12 miles and I think the longest I ever ran was 8.  Even as I was at the start line last week I was questioning my ability to finish – and I just kept telling myself that if I can do two hours of jump rope clinic or some of the harder crossfit workouts all I had to do was just be able to run for 2 and half hours and it would be over.  Mile 10 I literally found myself just repeating over and over in my head “Just keep moving, just keep moving, one foot in front of the other” – How often have I heard that at CF?  Just keep moving!  When I finally got to the 1/4 mile marker – all I could think was how it was the same as just one lap around the buildings at CF – just one lap!  Obviously I survived, and all week people have been asking me how I trained and how all of the sudden this person who hated running is a “runner”, and honestly my response every time has been “running more didn’t make me a better runner, CrossFit made me a better runner”.
Obviously CrossFit has been amazing for my physical self and how I feel and look, but more than anything it has helped me mentally.  I hated running so much not because physically I couldn’t do it, but because I just did have the mental strength to push myself that far.  CrossFit has changed that.  (Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to be running any full marathons anytime soon, but baby steps, right?)
I know that you guys didn’t invent CrossFit, but thank you for the type of gym CrossFit Memorial Houston is, thank you for your encouragement and support and always pushing me to go harder and be better.  It has literally changed my life and I am so excited to be in such a different place than I was this time last year.
Thanks for everything!
– Jessica R.