Level 1 Classes Explained

“Level 1” is a transitional class between the “On-Ramp Program” and the “Regular CrossFit Classes”. The WOD is the EXACT same in the “Level 1 Class” as the traditional “CrossFit Class”, but the classes are smaller and athletes will learn how to scale and modify the workouts to their level of experience.  They will also spend more time practicing these complex movements in order to help them gain the confidence to move forward to the Regular CrossFit Classes. “Level 1” is designed for athletes who are new to CrossFit or need a refresher on tough movements.

This class is also a great refresher for any movements you might need  to work on or might need special coaching attention with…so take a look at the WOD (we post it the night before at 7 pm) and if you need help with a specific movement…go to the Level 1 class!

We offer these classes at 5:30 am on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s with Coach Rachel.  If you can not make the morning class a great alternative is the 4:30 pm or the 5:30 pm classes on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s with Coach Tricia!

It is great for all!