Testimonial To Why Women NEED to Lift Weights!

Check out this amazing Testimonial from our very own Vicki Garrett…this just goes to show you why women need weightlifting in their lives…it truly changes lives!

Check it out….

I was diagnosed with osteopenia eight years ago.  Osteopenia is basically bone mineral density (BMD) which is below normal levels but not low enough to be classified as osteoporosis.  Having osteopenia means there is a greater chance of developing osteoporosis, a condition where bones are weak and fractures can occur.

My doctor put me on a medication prescribed for osteopenia. After three years, with little improvement, I was taken off the medication and told to walk more. So I started going to the gym, doing free weights and machines.  After two months, I hired a personal trainer to encourage and push me, but something was missing. I knew I had to do something that I would enjoy and benefit from.

My good friend, Carly, a Crossfit Memorial member, told me I should try Crossfit. The first month I was very sore and questioned whether this was for me at my age.  But I continued to come, trying my hardest to get through the workouts.  Addiction set in ! The coaches helped modify, when I needed to ,and encouraged me !

Now, two years later, I am here to SHOUT, that my last two bone density tests have shown significant improvement in reversing my bone loss.  My doctor asked what had I done differently to accomplish these glowing results.

So ladies, just keep moving! Enjoy the variety in your workouts, both physically and mentally.You are contributing to healthy bones and a lifelong commitment to being the BEST you can be at any age!

Your OLD friend,
Vicki Garrett
Age 61

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