Nutritional Challenge – Baseline week – Goal Setting – Jan. 8th-13th

Hello!  This is just a reminder to complete your baseline Dexascan or Inbody this week.  Also, we have a goal board board at the box, I encourage everyone to write a goal on the white board.

I highly recommend you clean out your kitchen this week and stock it with good nutrient dense foods, toss out the Blue Bell you have in the freezer.  If you are like me you do not need any temptations!  Take a “before selfie”. Yes!  Do it!  Take a selfie of yourself from the front, back and side, even if this is for your eyes only so you can see the results of your hard work and determination.

Get fit for SPRING BREAK!
1st Place – 3 months of an Unlimited CFMH Membership
2nd Place – 2 months of an Unlimited CFMH Membership
3rd Place – 1 month Unlimited CFMH Membership
8 Weeks!
DexaFit Baseline or Michael Florida Inbody baseline test Jan 8-13th
Challenge begins Jan 15th and ends March 9th
DexaFit or Michael Florida final results testing March 3rd-10th
All results Due March 12 to
*DexaFit – $99 for before and after detailed body composition analysis – call 832.519.9112 or email
* Michael Florida Inbody – $60 for before and after detailed body composition analysis (4 sessions for $60) – call 281.833.6560 or email to make your appointments.

WHAT: Challenge yourself to make healthy nutritional choices!  Examples of plans to follow are; the Paleo or Zone Diets, or a nutritional plan outlined by Michael Florida ( and work to achieve your goals.

Sign up on the whiteboard at the box, $0 to enter!

HOW:  Complete and turn in your baseline body composition testing with either DexaFit or Michael Florida Jan 8- 13.  Eat healthy and move your body for 8 weeks and complete your testing again March 3- 10th.

All final results must be turned in to Tricia at  no later than midnight March 12th.  Winners will be announced no later than March 14th.

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