No Workout of the Day: Saturday, 20-October-2018, Intra-box Competition will be held instead!

We wanted to thank the following vendors for either donating prizes and/or their time by stopping by the competition.

Make sure to check them out!

Athleta sweet looking workout gear for women that is super functional
Dr Powell w/Airrosti  Dr. P is very well known in our community and will help you get over issues/injury faster and get you back in the saddle
Stretch Factor will help reduce your risk of injury plus it feels great
Ape  Sports knowledgeable home gym designs with great equipment, prices and just up the road
Dish Society locally sourced gourmet food
Grub Burger they make a tasty, tasty burger
Just Greek real Greek food that is amazing, not like all the pretenders out there
CryoTexas helps you keep your cool and recover faster

Thank you!