CrossFit open begins Thur Feb 21 for Team CFMH! Friday night lights!

?CrossFit open begins Thur Feb 21 for Team CFMH!

Friday night lights ?each week of the open for athletes to complete their open workout!
Themes each week!
Feb 22 Week 1 Red white and blue ??
March 1 week 2 sports team theme ?
March 8 week 3 80’s theme??
March 15 week 4 St Patrick’s theme ☘️
March 22 week 5 camo ?
– Workouts are announced on Thursdays beforehand
– your open workout must be completed from 6-7:30 pm on Friday evening, scoresheet completed, legible, signed and with a clear score (coaches Ryan, Tobi and Tricia will be running this with help from others)
– If you need to complete the open workout at a different time you will be responsible for arranging this with a coach and this class time will count agains you.  You will not be able to have a coach judge you during your class.
– Friday night lights will not count towards your class attendance as long as you are registered for the open
-Click here to register for the 2019 CrossFit Open!
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