CFMH Upcoming Holiday Schedule and Events!

Need a place to escape to and have a good time?  Come get your workout in when it matters the most!  We are here for you during the Holidays, can’t wait to see you here! The Open starts 10/10 and … Read More

2019 Nutritional Challenge!

2019 Nutritional Challenge?????? Sign up today at the BOX WIN¬†? 1st $200 + VO2 Max Test 2nd $100 + DexaScan 3rd $50 + DexaScan Follow Paleo, Zone, RP or a combo of them all for 8 weeks. Call or email … Read More

CFMH 6 Week Nutritional Challenge

CFMH 6 Week Nutritional Challenge!¬† Win a free membership! Complete your baseline Dexascan or Inbody Baseline Sept. 4- Sept 9. Also, we have a goal board at the box, I encourage everyone to write a goal on the white board. … Read More