Nutritional Seminar and 6 Week Challenge

REMINDER! This is a reminder that Michael Florida will be hosting a nutritional seminar here at CFMH in just one week!  Don’t forget to sign up on Wodify to secure your spot!  Our nutritional challenge will start the following Monday.  Sign … Read More

Meal Timing

  So… it’s almost two weeks into the challenge?  How’s everyone doing?!  We hope you are starting to feel some of the positive effects of the nutritional challenge: better workouts, better sleep at night, more energy throughout the day, and … Read More

Better Ways to Measure Your Health

Ok, so it’s my last official post of the challenge (sniff, sniff), so I thought I would cap off the week with a discussion of what these diets can do for you beyond weight loss and a killer Helen time. … Read More

Your Brain on Paleo

Here is a great article from Paleo Liftstyle on your health and how it is affected by diet.  Warning, it’s long – but very informative and interesting.  It’s a really eye opener!  Enjoy. The Gut-Brain Axis From the warm security … Read More

Pushing Your Buttons

Here is a great article about avoiding temptation – especially temptation for those foods that you can’t stop eating (and those that are not on the Paleo and Zone diets!).  This is from an awesome website by Robb Wolf.  Enjoy! … Read More