On-Ramp Program:

The On-Ramp Program is designed as a way to develop your “CrossFit Skills” and expose you to our basic movements.  It has been created and designed to help prepare you to enter our ongoing CrossFit Group Classes successfully.  During this 1 week On-Ramp Program, we will work on technique to ensure your safety and to help you be successful in the next level of classes!  By the end of this program…you will be able to determine if CrossFit is the right choice in fitness for you!

Here is what you can expect:

  • We will introduce you to technique and mechanics first, then intensity.
  • You will progress from the least technical to more technical movements.
  • You must attend all 3 classes before moving to the CrossFit Group Classes.  Each Session will build on the next.  If you miss one class you have the opportunity to make it up once the following week otherwise you will have to restart the program.
  • There will be a WOD (“workout of the day”) at the end of each class which will progressively become more challenging as the course progresses.
  • As you perform the WOD, the coach will work with proper scaling of movements. 
  • This program is intended for you to become safe and familiar with the most common movements so that you can attend any class and feel comfortable with what is going on.  There are so many variations of these movements that we could spend 6 weeks on them and not cover them all.  You will not become an expert overnight or even in a month.  These things take time and this is the foundation for you to build on.  Over the coming months your coach will help you refine the movements as you become more fit.

CrossFit Level 1 Class:

Our Level 1 Class is geared towards the “New to CrossFit Athlete”. These classes will perform the normal “Workout of the Day”, but in a much smaller class setting. The certified coach will cover a more in depth explanation of the movements to be performed that day and offer appropriate modifications to help you navigate the workout in a safe and fun way! This class is perfect for someone with an athletic background, but is still nervous about the CrossFit movements or jumping right into the regular group classes.

CrossFit Group Classes:

Always under the guidance of a coach, CrossFit Group Classes provide an atmosphere of team support and motivation and also offers the fun and challenge of a different Workout Of The Day (WOD) every day. 

CrossFit Skills Classes:

These classes are classes designed to focus on skill development specifically focusing on Olympic lifting and powerlifting.  We will review the skill and then perform a workout utilizing this skill.  As a result these classes generally have a different WOD than what is posted on our WOD blog.


CFMH QuickFit is a high intensity 30 minute workout designed to get your body toned and your heart rate up!  Body weight to moderate weights may be used. (No barbell)
No experience needed!  This is perfect for people needing to jump start their fitness, who want a good quick workout and may be slightly intimidated by CrossFit.

Special Needs Fitness:

We build a relationship through trust and safety while guiding individuals towards all their accomplishments either big or small.  Nutritional information is also discussed during classes.